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Instant Orthodontics

Find out how Instant orthodontics creates knockout smiles.

The effective, long-lasting solution you need

Man smiling after receiving Instant Orthodontics at The Dental Market

Are you tired of being the only person in the photo not doing a “teeth smile?”

We want you to know you’ve got options! Instant orthodontics provide a perfect solution for someone who wants straight teeth right now.

Maybe you don’t want to undergo years of treatment, or just don’t have the time!

Instant orthodontics works quickly for:

    • Irregularly shaped teeth
    • Gaps or space between teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Chips or cracks

We also provide instant orthodontics for patients who:

    • Want to enjoy life pain-free
    • Want to feel excited about dates and interview with confidence
    • Desire a straight smile without years of treatment
    • Need a second chance for their smile goals

Your smile is a crucial part of your identity, and something you want to feel proud of. The Dental Market is considered a go-to location by many instant orthodontic patients seeking a transformation.

Find out why at a free consultation!


Find new confidence with a custom solution. At our office… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, we love to help patients build a can’t-miss smile. Plus, everyone still walks out with a smile unique to them – not one looks the same!

Instant Results

Braces are an effective solution but require months, or even years, of wear. Instant orthodontics provide quick results that look naturally beautiful. You’ll have a brand new smile in just a matter of weeks!

No Limitations

With braces, you can straighten teeth, but can’t repair malformed teeth. For a full smile makeover, you’ll want straight and perfectly shaped teeth. Nothing is in the way of creating your dream smile.

Your possibilities with instant orthodontics are endless.

Give your smile the dentist it deserves

Why visit us for instant orthodontics?

    • Achieve your dream within your budget. Listen, we want everyone to have access to high-quality dentistry. To do this, we’ve built our own Dental Care Savings Plan. Using this, you’ll receive discounts on 10+ services, including cosmetic dentistry.
    • Your smile is customized to you. We never apply the same fit to each patient. Everyone’s mouth and face structure are different, so we take our time to develop the perfect style for you. See a few of our proudest examples highlighted in our smile gallery.
    • Relax in our cozy office while you’re here. Even though you won’t spend much time in the office for instant dentistry, you’ll be our number one priority while you’re with us. Our office has more of a tranquil feel than most medical facilities.
    • Experience peace of mind with expert service. For many, a dental restoration is a life-changing experience. Because of that, we ensure all service is expert level. As you get to know Dr. Sarant and our staff, you’ll notice we’re always patient-focused.
Dr. James Sarant smiling in Raleigh, NC
Step 1: Get on the calendar

Easily schedule a cosmetic consultation that fits your schedule online, and let’s discuss the plan of action for your dream smile. To make things easier, fill out our new patient forms online before your visit.

Step 2: Trust the process

We combine our personalized service with the latest technology to deliver selfie-worthy results. When you sit down with us, we’re all ears. Our staff wants to know exactly what you need to provide the best treatment plan.

Step 3: Sparkling results

Smile big in pictures with zero hesitation. Instant orthodontics is your ticket to restored confidence. Whether you need a few small fixes or a full mouth reconstruction, we’ve got you covered.

Have a perfect smile before your next big event!

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