Dr. Sarant talking to children about the importance of family dentistry Raleigh NC

Dr. Sarant teaching children the importance of oral health. Want Dr. Sarant to appear at your school? Call us for more details!


At The Dental Market, we believe prevention is crucial to keeping your smile healthy. It allows our team to catch small issues before they become bigger (and expensive!) problems. We’re proud to offer the following family dentistry services in our Raleigh dental office:

  • Hygiene & Exams
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Metal-Free Fillings
  • Family Dental Care
  • Crowns & Bridges


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Family Dental Care
We’re happy to welcome families to The Dental Market to help promote positive dental care for your little ones. Please give us a call to schedule your whole family and get them started on a path of oral and overall wellness.
Hygiene & Exams
Visiting your Raleigh dentist every six months allows our caring team to catch anything before it becomes hazardous to your health. A typical comprehensive exam usually consists of an oral cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, visual analysis of tooth decay, diagnostic x-rays, and evaluation of the teeth. Then, one of our hygienists will thoroughly and gently clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar.
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer claims many lives every year, but it can be stopped if caught in its early stages. Because early detection is the key to successful outcomes, Dr. Sarant incorporates the use of Identafi into the screening to ensure you receive the most comprehensive oral cancer screening possible. Identafi will catch early signs of cancer in the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils and allow Dr. Sarant to pursue the appropriate treatment before it gets worse.
Crowns & Bridges
Crowns: Many restorations are fabricated using a metal lining covered with porcelain. These types of crowns are used because they are cheap and easy to place in the mouth. They are opaque or flat-looking because they do not let light pass through as a natural tooth does. There is often a dark or gray line next to the gumline. We provide exclusively all-porcelain bonded restorations. When properly placed, they are as strong if not stronger than the porcelain-covered metal crowns. Notice the appearance of natural teeth again. Metal-free dentistry can restore your full dentition back to natural form and beauty.

Bridges: A bridge is a custom device anchored to neighboring teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the missing one are prepared as crowns to serve as abutments to hold the prosthetic (replacement) tooth in place. Crowns and bridges are most commonly prepared from high-quality materials such as semi-precious or precious metals, porcelain, or a fused combination of the two. Aesthetics, function, and tissue compatibility are considered when selecting the material most suitable for you.

Metal-Free Fillings
Until recently, dental patients have been told that repairing teeth with white fillings was just for cosmetic purposes, and white fillings may not be as durable as the metal restorations. This philosophy is now passé. With the modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins, lasers, and state-of-the-art ceramics, the new porcelain restorations are close to rivaling nature in strength, wear, function, and appearance. There are now sixteen-year studies showing that with properly administered technique, these advanced restorations surpass traditional dentistry. With these new materials, it is possible to bond teeth back together, virtually restoring them back to their virgin strength without the invasiveness of full-coverage crowns. In the majority of circumstances, metal fillings or crowns can be replaced with techniques that are more conservative. It is, therefore, possible to preserve the healthy, remaining tooth structure, rather than whittling teeth down, as a pencil would be ground away by a pencil sharpener.
Invisalign for the Family
Does your teenager or child need braces? Do they dread dealing with the inconvenience of metal brackets and wires? That doesn’t have to be the case with Invisalign clear aligners! Invisalign was designed to straighten your smile without putting your life on hold. This means your children can enjoy just being kids while getting a healthy, beautiful smile. Learn more about Invisalign and how it can change your kids’ lives and your life.


If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact our office right away and we’ll do our best to see you the same day and get you out of pain.

‘‘Another enjoyable visit! The hygienist was attentive and thoughtful and Dr.Sarant was easygoing yet specific with his concerns and directives.’’

- Bill, actual patient


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