A simple screening could save your life.

Oral Cancer Screening In Raleigh, NC

Early detection is key.

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Close up of an Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that oral cancer claims approximately one life every hour of every day in the United States?

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation…Open a new window to the Oral Cancer Foundation’s website…, the death rate is high because the cancer is discovered when it’s in its advanced stages.

Early detection is the key to successful outcomes. That’s why it’s so important to get an annual oral cancer screening.

In an oral cancer screening, Dr. Sarant would examine your mouth to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions during your exam.

If you’re due for a dental check-up, request an appointment in Raleigh, NC… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, and ask us about our oral cancer screening.

Early Detection:

Screening tests help find the early stages of cancer, before symptoms appear. We utilize the best technologies to give you accurate diagnoses and efficient treatment.

Easier Treatment:

Oral cancer is very treatable when it’s discovered early. In other words: A screening could save your life.

Peace of Mind

A screening puts your mind at ease and allows you to know your health status. We’re to help you achieve not only your best smile, but your healthy self as well.

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You’re in good hands
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We understand it’s scary to think about cancer.

But, oral cancer screenings are an incredibly important part of maintaining good health.

And they’ve never been easier.

We use a special system called Identafi…Click to learn more in a new window… to give you the most comprehensive oral cancer screening possible. It helps detect any early signs of cancer in the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils.

This specialized light technology allows Dr. Sarant to pursue the appropriate treatment before it gets worse.

Identafi makes screening painless and noninvasive!

Dr. Sarant combines modern family dentistry with a gentle approach to make your visit enjoyable and completely comfortable. If you’d like to get to know our Raleigh dentist, check out his About page.

Dr. James Sarant smiling in Raleigh, NC

The Identafi process is very simple:

Step 1

First, you’ll be asked to rinse with a cleansing solution.

Step 2

We’ll dim the overhead lighting and then do a thorough examination of your entire mouth, using different light settings. Under this light, Dr. Sarant will look for any malign tissue or any abnormal growth that’s not visible to the naked eye.

Step 3

Dr. Sarant will discuss your results and any findings with you. He’ll answer any questions and address any of your needs. If anything is spotted, we’ll discuss appropriate treatment before it gets worse.

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