Restore your smile and tooth function.

Dental Bridges and Dental Crowns in Raleigh, NC

Make your smile complete once again.

What’s a Dental Crown and Bridge?

A real dental patient after dental crowns and bridges at the Dental Market

Dental problems can destroy confidence and hinder your ability to eat and speak normally.

If you’re missing a tooth or have a damaged tooth from decay or trauma, then we’ve got the perfect tooth restoration for you.

A dental bridge or crown fixes all of the above with a natural-looking, fixed solution.

Bridges and crowns correct:

    • Tooth decay
    • Tooth trauma
    • Worn or misshapen teeth
    • Gaps from missing teeth
    • And more

Don’t put off fixing your beautiful smile or replacing your old crown or bridge. You deserve to look your best and feel your best. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help you. 


Crowns and bridges are made just for you, which means they match your smile and blend right in.


Bridges and crowns are long-term tooth restorations, lasting for 10 years or longer with excellent oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.


Dental bridges and crowns are fixed onto your teeth for a comfortable fit, so you don’t have to worry about the way you eat or speak.

Crafting your complete smile, stress-free.

Making the Dental Crown and Bridge Process Easy

The Dental Market team tailors your treatment, so you can quickly get back to looking and feeling like your awesome self. We combine both beauty and function for a restoration you can count on – view our real patient cosmetic results here.

How does a dental crown and bridge work? It works like a tooth cover to go over your tooth or implant and restore your smile. A fixed bridge replaces missing teeth with a custom device anchored by the surrounding teeth to fill the gap. We make the whole process easy and stress-free:

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Dr. James Sarant smiling in Raleigh, NC
Step 1

We examine your mouth to make sure you’re a candidate for a crown or bridge.

Step 2

Our dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create your custom tooth restoration. When making the restoration, we consider your facial appearance, existing teeth, and age.

Step 3

Your crown or bridge is attached to your tooth, and we make sure it’s completely comfortable and works like your real teeth.

Fix a Broken Tooth, Missing Tooth, or Old Crown

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