Get a symmetrical smile that doesn’t need Photoshop (or braces).

Invisalign in Raleigh, NC

Straighten your smile with ease in Raleigh, NC.

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Woman with straight teeth smiling

What’s that saying? Happy smile, happy life, right?

Well, if there’s anything that will make your smile happy, it’s Invisalign.

Our team’s favorite part of providing Invisalign is seeing the full transformation afterward. We see renewed confidence, stress relief, and excitement for some updated selfies! Your smile makeover dreams are a reality at The Dental Market in Raleigh, NC… opens in a new window to Google Maps….

Using clear aligners… opens in a new window to Invisalign website…, Invisalign is a discreet method to straighten your smile.

Invisalign might be a perfect fit for you if:

    • You’re an older teen or adult
    • You want to fix your smile and avoid braces
    • You have a gap or crowded teeth
    • You have an overbite or underbite
    • You’re dedicated to fixing your smile

When using Invisalign, expect less time in the office while seeing quick results. Schedule a consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you!

Straighter Smile

Your teeth might be misaligned for a number of reasons. No matter what the cause is, we’re here to help you find your picture-ready smile. Invisalign has over a 96% satisfaction rate, and our stamp of approval as well.

Restored Confidence

Do you ever feel left out of certain situations due to a crooked smile? Maybe you’re afraid to speak as much or laugh and smile. Our goal is to restore your confidence, allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter where you are.

Invisible Process

Your Invisalign appliance is clear, so you’re able to go about your day working on your smile undercover. With zero food restrictions, you’ll have no problem incorporating Invisalign into your current lifestyle. Plus – the trays are removable, making brushing and eating much less complicated.

Say “hello” to your smile in a matter of months.

Why Choose The Dental Market?

Dr. Sarant has over 20 years of private practice experience including cosmetic dentistry and loves to see the smile transformations created by Invisalign.

    • Faster treatment: When it comes to Invisalign vs. braces, Invisalign is the clear winner. It’ll complete your smile goals in less time compared to traditional orthodontics.
    • Feels like home: Your comfort is a top priority. Enjoy our modern and cozy office design while you’re with us.
    • You’re camera-ready: Invisalign is known for providing gorgeous results. If you haven’t already combed through our smile gallery, we suggest looking at our success stories!
    • Advanced technology: Dr. Sarant uses an iTero scanner to create a 3D image of your teeth in just a few minutes. This high-tech scanner takes the place of messy liquid impressions and creates more accurate results, a win-win!
Dr. James Sarant smiling in Raleigh, NC
Step 1

Give our staff a call at 919-855-8600 to book a consultation. You can also send us an email at, or schedule an appointment here.

Step 2

Stop in for a consultation to see if Invisalign can help improve your smile. At your consultation, we’ll examine your mouth and discuss how we’ll reach your smile goals.

Step 3

We’ll begin your transformation and you’ll be looking for an excuse to show off your new smile in no time.

Get in touch with our welcoming staff to start your Invisalign journey.

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