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Is Invisalign Better Than SmileDirectClub?

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There’s a growing number of alternatives to traditional metal braces and one thing is clear:

Clear aligners are in!

Two of the most commonly known brands are Invisalign… This text opens a new tab … and SmileDirectClub… This text opens a new tab ….

You may wonder, “Is one better than the other?”

Well, we’ll answer that very question, including:

  • How both aligners compare to one another
  • How the treatment processes differ
  • How they work
  • And more!

Let’s break it down:

How are Invisalign and SmileDirectClub similar?

Invisalign and SmileDirectClub both use safe, smooth aligners in their custom treatment plans.

They look very much alike.

They’re designed to correct moderate smile issues, including:

  • Space between teeth
  • Crowding
  • Overbites or underbites
  • Crooked teeth

And both brands aim to help you realign your teeth without all the metal madness from braces. With discreet aligners, you can smile confidently and worry-free!

BUT that’s where the similarities end.

How is Invisalign different from SmileDirectClub?

Both aligner brands slip onto your teeth easily, but Invisalign actually locks into place, thanks to attachments.

Attachments help prevent your aligners from sliding around, which your dentist places on your teeth before beginning treatment.

The attachments prevent unwanted tooth movement, which will make your treatment faster.

Your treatment becomes more predictable and allows your dentist to control your progress.

What’s the treatment process like for Invisalign and SmileDirectClub?

With SmileDirectClub, you can either visit a SmileShop for an in-person scan or use an at-home kit to create an impression.

Each SmileDirectClub patient is assigned a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

You track your progress online with them, eliminating in-person visits.


This sounds tempting. We get it. We all have busy schedules.

But this prevents a doctor from seeing your teeth in person.

Why does that matter?

Well, in-person visits are very valuable!

You’re less likely to have problems with your treatment, as you’ll receive professional care and guidance.

With Invisalign, you have face-to-face consultations with your dentist.

They’ll discuss your goals, make impressions of your teeth, and send it to Invisalign to create your custom aligners.

When your aligners arrive, your doctor will make sure they fit perfectly.

You’ll schedule regular check-ups every 6-8 weeks to make sure you’re progressing as planned and make any adjustments necessary to achieve your desired results.

That’s something you can’t get with DIY aligners like SmileDirectClub.

Will insurance cover clear aligners?

Your dental insurance may cover both SmileDirectClub and Invisalign if your dental plan provides orthodontic benefits. You can also pay with an HSA, FSA, or CareCredit… This text opens a new tab ….

It’s important to speak with your healthcare provider and doctors about all your options.

How much do Invisalign and SmileDirect cost?

One thing that has attracted patients to SmileDirectClub is the affordability. You may pay up to 60% less than you would with other brands.


Some SmileDirectClub customers have reported nerve damage and broken teeth… This text opens a new tab … from using the aligner trays.

Invisalign may cost more than SmileDirectClub.


Invisalign could save you money and hassle in the long run.

This is because you’re working one-on-one with your doctor to ensure you get high-quality results.

So… Is Invisalign better than SmileDirectClub?

Invisalign has over a 96% satisfaction rate!

And our stamp of approval, but we may be a little bias on that 😉

Patients who choose Invisalign have more predictable outcomes and tend to have better overall results (10 million smiles and counting!).

Since each smile is unique, your doctor would create a plan specifically for you!

That kind of personalization goes a long way.

Not to mention:

Your dentist will do everything possible to make sure you feel comfortable and picture-ready for any moment.

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